Interview with Fabrizio Lo Conte - eSMART Technologies

07 February 2023

We interviewed Fabrizio Lo Conte from Switzerland. Fabrizio is the co-founder and CEO at eSMART Technologies. eSMART develops intelligent systems for building automation. It can manage building functions like heating, lighting, electricity or videophone systems with a touchscreen in the living room or a smartphone app. The screen can also display the current use of electricity and water in real-time, informing occupants about energy consumption.

1) Your company was selected out of 240+ applications. What has the Emaar Innovation Challenge meant for your company?

Emaar innovation means for us a first step into our journey to expand out of Europe. We wanted to gain visibility in those markets, starting with the most innovative, visible and prestigious developer of Dubai was a dream that the innovation challenge made true! 

Being award with the innovation challenge also help us gain more visibility in Europe and let us know our technology and product. 

2) How were the overall days for you in Dubai (networking, meeting at Emaar, fun part with Burj Khalifa visit and boat trip)?

A M A Z I N G, there aren’t other way to say. We get to know other incredible and innovative company from around the world ! Where rare we get this opportunity! We were able to attend each other pitch and presentation to understand better and identify synergies. Business is nothing without good relationships  and the party event organize by Global Proptech Tech has been amazing to network and get to know each-other. 

Visiting Sales Facility of EMAAR has been inspiring and help us get a grip on what they’re developing. I would have loved to visit more from them, such as their offices i.e.

3) How important was the pitch training given by Corrinke Boon (online and in Dubai)?

Important, it is always good to get feedback from experts, and Corrinke had done it in a very constructive and pertinent way. Being “forced” to send slide deck and video before hand helped keeping deadline, thus even is a little bit scholar very constructive to avoid spending the last 2 day on side doing slides.

4) And of course, how was the Demo Day?

Very good, the auditorium was impressive. Sad that there haven’t so many people attending the event and thus taking the opportunity to network more. If more people attend, having the possibility to have a small booth or Demo will benefit to the presenting company I think.

5) What does your company do?

Our company help building developer to make their residential building, for safe, comfortable and energy efficient, for new build and existing buildings. Increasing control and comfort while aiming in Energy and Water reduction is our moto.

6) How can people contact you?

By phone call or whatsapp at : +41 76 390 23 87, by email, by visiting our headquarter in Lausanne and Zürich, always a pleasure to walk people through some building we equipped.